Young advisers and Vice-President Neelie Kroes

6th February 2012: a very special day!

I was lucky enough to be invited to moderate the meeting between Vice-President Neelie Kroes and 12 young creative, talented people – her “Young Advisers”.

The goal was to discuss on Digital Agenda for Europe: what is working and what isn’t. Everybody was ready to discuss without any fear and to express straight opinions about: entepreneurship and innovation in Europe, IPR, open data, broadband. The Commissioner was listening attentiveley, asking and willing to understand what is working and what can be improved so far. Young advisers asked for less conversation and more action: she took their point and we can see already the impact!

If you dont’ believe it just check one of her last speeches this week and how she referrs to the discussion of this meeting on her strong message to  Hungarian government (see But I hope it doesn’t stop here, that there will be a follow up on the actions, more meetings and also on-going online discussion.

In fact, we did it already before the meeting. I had the privilege not only to moderate the discussion last 6th February, but also to facilitate with David Osimo  the previous online discussions with the Young advisers to prepare the meeting and make it as useful as possible. Two weeks of intense interaction and discussion on the issues to detect the main problems, to analyze what Europe had done so far and to start suggesting potential actions or best practices to be replicated. Lot of recommendations came up quickly: you can have a look at last post of one of the young advisors, Ewan Mcintosh, to see some of them.

Tim O Reilly, the evangelist of web 2.0, formulated the concept of government as a platform. Government should enable citizens’ action and collaboration. As far as I am living it, the Digital Agenda fully embraces this value. Its goals can only been achieved through the collaborative effort of institutions, companies, civil society organizations and individual citizens. Here we have one more attempt to do it, this time with young talented people around Europe.



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