Let’s be innovative: start by copying, remixing, mashing up..

“Startup America also represents a historic partnership with business leaders, investors, universities, foundations, and non-profits, and we’re urging others to join them in this effort. For entrepreneurs speak to what’s best about America, and in their drive and innovative spirit — in their willingness to take a risk on a bold idea — we can see the future. We can see how America will compete and win in the 21st century global economy.”-President Barack Obama, January 31, 2011

The answer to this call of Obama leaders of private sector have set up an independent alliance with top entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, universities, foundations and other leaders: Startup America Partnership. It has mobilized already more tan $400 million in private sector commitments to provide products, services, mentorship and funding to scale and grow tens of thousands of U.S. startups.

Let’s put know our hope to European Innovation Partnerships which also try to bring together public and private actors, with the complexity of the different levels of governance (EU, national, regional). These partnerships are focused to the main EU challenges: ageing, food security, energy and climate change. But should this kind of partnerships be broader? Not only challenge-focused?

We need more partnerships which huge involvement and participation of private and strong committments of public to scale up and grow ideas and startups in Europe. Research & Innovation grants can help with a systematically collaboration between private-public. Maybe the co-investment suggestions that we have been hearing by VCs in Europe could be a start.

But there are much ideas to explore..and maybe to import from Start up America?

For Entrepreneurs

For Investors

For Communities


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